Students’ Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ’s


Who is eligible to sign up? 
Whilst our platform is catered for university students in Australia, everyone is welcome to sign up. Courses, tasks, and jobs are accessible to everyone.

Why should I go through 2hats? 

2hats is a platform designed to assist you in getting a job, no matter your experience. We have something for those just learning, trying to look for experience and applying for jobs.


Is my personal information safe? 

Your privacy is incredibly important to us and we have a strong commitment to keep your information private. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you give us permission. For example, it will be used to review your resume, or to contact the companies about the placement. 


Is this free?

Yes! Our platform is free to use. We charge our partner companies a fee to hire candidates from our platform instead and have optional paid courses on offer.



What’s the benefit of doing 2hats tasks?

2hats tasks simulate real work from Australian companies. That means you get an accurate taste of exactly what roles in sales, marketing and software development entails. Furthermore, you can use 2hats tasks as recognised experience when applying for jobs on our platform.






Am I eligible to apply for jobs as an international student? 

Yep! However, there may be restrictions on your working hours as required by Australian Law. 


Can I get a work opportunity overseas or in another state through 2hats? 

Unfortunately, not at the moment. However, we are expanding our services to other states within Australia and internationally soon.


Which industries specifically am I able to apply for? 

We currently serve the business core basics: Business Development (Sales), Marketing, and Software Development. More streams will be opened in the near future.