Companies’ Frequently Asked Questions

Why 2hats?

Why is 2hats different from any other agencies? 

Unlike a recruitment agency, we have the talent on-demand and they have all been 2hats- Certified through our training program. We also provide multiple SuperInterns to improve your business' productivity. 

How to register?


How can I register to get talent from 2hats? 
If you are interested in signing up to the 2hats Service, send us an email at or message us through our chat box in the bottom right corner. We will reply within 1 business day. 

How does the selection and training work?

How does 2hats assess the candidates? 
We assess all our SuperInterns on a variety of different qualities including both soft and hard skills and their ability to immediately generate value. 

How can I be sure the interns from 2hats deliver the results for my business? 
All our SuperInterns are trained and assessed by our 2hats 7-Step Selection Process. We make sure that there is feedback and consultations with you and our SuperInterns to maximise success and reduce risk. 

What’s the process? 
We use the 2hats 7-Step Selection Process to make sure that each of our SuperInterns are the best. You can view the process on the companies page with descriptions of each step. 

What does the certified training entail? 
As part of our 2hats SuperIntern Selection Process, we train every successful candidate before they start their internship. The training is role-specific so that they are able to get started the very next day. 

Who are the candidates?

What kind of interns does 2hats supply? 
We provide SuperInterns that are well-rounded and are trained for the role, ready to start work the next day. 

What information do I have to assess the ability of the candidates? 
In addition to our recommendation, we also provide you with access to our SuperInterns pitches, allowing you to see their ability to respond to questions and solve problems. 

What if I am not satisfied with the candidates? 
We do regular consultations with you to make sure that you receive the most support from us. We provide you with a variety of SuperInterns so that you can find the right people for your business. In the highly unlikely case that you are unhappy with the SuperIntern, we are able to help you find a replacement within the 3 months of the internship. 

How to engage the students?

How long is the placement period of the interns? 
Whilst we are generally flexible on the length of placements, we do try and arrange a minimum 3-month placement period to generate the greatest value for you. 

How quickly will I receive my SuperInterns? 
This will depend on the number of SuperInterns that you require and the duration of the placement. 

How do I pick the final candidates? 
This is up to you. We provide you with a shortlist of recommended SuperInterns that fit the role and will generate the greatest value for your business. 

What support do you provide to students on placements? 
We give all our SuperInterns feedback allowing them to grow and improve. On top of ongoing consultations with you, we also check in with our SuperInterns to ensure their success. 

Am I signing the contract with 2hats or the students? 
The contract will be with the students. We only take payment for the service of training, finding and helping you hire our SuperInterns. 

What's the cost?

What's the pricing structure? 
This depends on the duration and number of SuperInterns that you require. If you are interested in signing up to our 2hats system please email us at

When do I need to pay? 
We offer a free initial consultation to see if the 2hats System is right for your business. You only need to pay when you want to hire our SuperInterns. 

Are there any hidden fees? 
Nope! Our fee structure is clear and we don't charge any hidden fees. If you decide to hire the SuperInterns after the placement period, we don't charge you for that. 

Is the fee one-off? 
Yes! We don't have any hidden fees and pricing is all clearly discussed during our free consultations.